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UAS Operations:
Remote Pilot Certification (Part §107) Study Guide

Preparing to meet the FAA Knowledge Test Requirements for UAS Remote Pilot Certification (14CFR§107)

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Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Applicable Regulations Relating to Small US Rating Privileges, Limitations and Flight Operation
  • Airspace, Operations Requirements, Obstacle Clearance, Flight Restrictions
  • Official Sources of Weather and Effects of Weather on Small UAS Performance
  • Small UAS Loading and Performance
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Crew Resource Management
  • Radio Communications
  • Determining Performance of Small UAS
  • Psychological Effects of Drugs and Alcohol
  • Aeronautical Decision Making and Judgment (ADM)
  • Airport Operations
  • Maintenance and Inspection Procedures
  • Practice Test Questions
  • The Certification Process (Taking the test, applying through IACRA and getting your FAA Certificate))


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Why an e-Book and not a printed book?
The UAV/UAS/RPA/”drone” world is rapidly evolving and changing. With an E-Book we can update and revise the material whenever conditions warrant, and we will continue to do so as new resources and information become available. New updates and revisions include material based on reports from our students who passed the exam, including a stronger emphasis on aeronautical charts.

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NOTICE TO PAST PURCHASERS: We continue to have serious and ongoing issues with Amazon/Kindle failing to distribute update revisions and corrections because they don’t deem the changes to be “significant”.  If the edition you purchased does not show the cover you see here and revision #8, dated November 8, 2016 on the copyright page, CONTACT Amazon and DEMAND that they provide you with the CORRECT edition that you are entitled to. Contact the author if you can’t resolve the problem.  

5stars(5 out of 5 stars) By Drone Radio Show on April 24, 2016

Tim Trott does a great job synthesizing the key knowledge requirements of the proposed FAA Part 107 rules. Overall, I think the book is great for anyone wanting to begin studying and preparing for what might be required when the rules take effect. Even without Part 107, the information should be helpful for any UAS pilot to know. I found the first part of the book (where Tim runs through the material that might be required under the new rule) very informative, but a little overwhelming. But that’s only because I’m not a commercial pilot and there’s a lot of detail packed into the first 60 pages. It may take a few reads to master the material, but that’s to be expected with any study guide. The real gem in the book are the practice questions. The questions provide a great study aid in understanding the material and retaining it. The information, coupled with the study questions, provide a great learning tool.

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