The Droner’s Guide (eBook)

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dgmockupThe Droner’s Guide:

From Beginner to Professional

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Includes new, revised and updated information

The Droner’s Guide provides the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle operator (“Droner”) with an extensive collection of  history, resources, recommendations, commentary, guidance and suggestions: what you need to know now and what you need to know.  The material ranges from beginner safety tips and practice exercises to preparation and requirements for aircraft registration to applying for a Section #333 exemption, COA, or eventual UAS operator licensing. It can provide an excellent text book for drone safety training classes.

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The “How-To” book …by someone who did it, and you can too!
FAA Sectiapproved-29149_640on #333 Exemption APPROVED 5/21/15 (71 days)

This little E-book has more than you might expect. (now over 27,000 words) – Constantly updated as the field expands and events warrant.

Why an E-Book and not a printed book?
The UAV/UAS/RPA/”drone” world is rapidly evolving and changing. With an E-Book we can update and revise the material whenever conditions warrant. For example, we revised and added new information when the FAA issued the NPRM and we will revise again when the final 14CFR107 is published sometime, possibly around June 17, 2016. So, if you purchase the ebook today you can simply “download” the latest updated versions later on as they are added at no extra cost.

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UPDATED: Revision 33A 11/15/2016 – 30,246 words
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#35 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Engineering & Transportation > Transportation > Aviation > Piloting & Flight Instruction
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  “Great book” (5 stars)
“Thought this was an outstanding book. Confirmed many of the same actions that I have taken.”

Fred Smith “The most complete guide to UAV’s I have seen!” (5 stars)
“I just bought and downloaded your book and after a quick ‘speed-read’ …wanted to say it is the most complete piece I have found anywhere. Great job!” (Commercial pilot with instrument rating and complex airplane endorsement)

Nicholas Damron (Author “Read Before Flight“) “A must read for all UAS / ‘Drone’ Operators!” (5 stars)
“The Droner’s Guide is an excellent read for anyone who is interested in becoming a professional UAS Operator! … it is chock full of resources and useful information”

Ted Carvis “This is a great summary of the area ….” (5 stars)
“This is a great summary of the area and it is very well written. I have just spent several days looking at FAA guidance and various web pages to get a handle on how to go about getting approval to fly unmanned aircraft legally. I came upon this after putting in considerable time, and find that it provides an excellent compilation of the important considerations and provides a lot of practical advice. It will be required reading for my consulting group.”

Will Miller “Great reference book” (5 stars)
“This is a compilation of all the information I’ve been searching for by following breadcrumbs on Twitter and by visiting various websites. It’s all here – put together in a clear and concise manner. Good reference for those of us interested in responsible commercial use of small UAVs.”

 Max Flight (@UAVDigest) “Tim Trott knows drones” (4 stars)
“When it comes to integrating unmanned aircraft into commerce and the airspace, Tim Trott is a trailblazer. Mindful of the current regulatory uncertainty in the U.S., Tim has worked with the FAA and drone manufacturers to take the necessary steps toward commercialization. This means he’s more than just a drone operator, he’s deep into the struggle currently faced by entrepreneurs and business owners who see drones as a business tool. That makes Trott highly qualified to write about the topic: where we are today, what the issues are, and where we’re headed.”

Al Caudullo 3DGuy.TV@3DGuyTV
“The book takes you through everything from Basic Training to preparing you for licensing and Codes of Conduct. Well written and accurate, this is the book for anyone who is serious about flying in this new age. I wholeheartedly recommend that everyone who flies a drone read this. Even if you don’t go for a license the book gives you extremely valuable info about flying and drones.”

“I just purchased your eBook. …Thanks for putting something like this together!”

Andy Caldwell (Video Producer) “Very informative” (4 stars)
Mr. Trott’s book was very helpful and detailed. I look forward to applying what I learned as I go through the 333 exception process.

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Table of Contents:

  • Acknowledgements
  • A Brief History
  • Getting Started
  • Learning to Fly
    • Basic Training (revised)
    • The Check List
    • Flight Log
  • Code of Conduct

    • AMA Model Aircraft Safety Code
    • AUVSI Code of Conduct
    • Other Countries
  • Operation Safety

    • Flight Planning
    • Communication
    • Sense and Avoid
    • Battery Safety
    • Maintenance
  • The Registration Process  (updated)
    • Aircraft Registration 
  • Section #333/334/336 and COA
    • Section 333
    • Section 334
    • Section 336
    • COA – Certificate of Authorization
  • How to Prepare for Remote Pilot Certification
    • Written Test for UAS Operators
    • Remote Pilot Rating for Licensed Pilots
  • Going Professional
    • Insurance
    • Pricing
  • Resources
  • About The Author
  • One More Thing…


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– A Study Guide.

Preparing to meet anticipated requirements for UAS Operator and/or pilot rating (14 CFR 107) as proposed. Includes a sample test.
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