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Do public agencies need to hire a pilot to fly a drone?

The answer may surprise you. “Under Section 334, Public UAS operators have the ability to self-certify their equipment and personnel, but…

How can public safety “drone” operators gain the knowledge to safely operate publicly owned drones? Will the insurance cover an untrained drone pilot? Contact The Drone Professor to schedule our Public Agency UAV/Drone Operator Ground School training for your public safety personnel.

What information does local LEO need to provide to the FAA relating to Drone Incidents?

We can also schedule classes on responding to drone complaints, UAV operation safety, working with the FAA, mission planning and more, AT YOUR LOCATION.

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  • Recent training events: 
    • Valencia Public Safety College, Orlando –
      Responding to Drone Complaints & Florida’s §934.50
    • Gulf Coast College of Public Safety – Drone Safety
    • Florida Association of Realtors – 107 Study Guide
    • Bay County Association of Realtors – 107 Study Guide (Delayed by hurricane)

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TheDroneProfessorUAS (or Drone) operations can be expected to play and increasing role in the future of law enforcement and public safety, as well as presenting a new facet to law enforcement response.

These courses focus on the integration of UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) into the law enforcement and the general public safety arena as well as preparation for response to drone complaints and incidents involving unmanned aircraft. This training series offers a broad view of the applications and implications of UAVS for Public Service as well as specific training for UAV operations.      

The Training Courses include:

  • Introduction to  Drones – 1918 to present
  • Responding to Drone Complaints
  • UAS Mission Planning
  • UAS Safety Operation
  • UAS Applications for Public Safety
  • FAA Remote Pilot Certification (Part 107)

UAS Training Programs can be provided AT YOUR LOCATION.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Members of Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue and Emergency Medical Service, First Responders. This training is also valuable for agency employees and/or rated pilots who have are or will be working with or acting as UAS operators or pilots.


Tim Trott is a member of the AOPA, AMA, AUVSI, FSANA, ASTM F-38 standards committee, holder of one of the early exemption authorizations under section 333, and the author of the Droner’s Guide and UAV Operations §107 Study Guide at You will find the presentations to be entertaining as well as informative. As featured on the podcast, Drone Radio Show # 51 – Listen here

FDLE Instructor Certification #329775
FAA Section 333 Exemption #11636
The term “Drone Professor” is used as a trade name only and is not a degree designation

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