What to Expect When the NPRM Finally Comes

With the expectation of “something” coming from the FAA by the “end of December” which were based on rumors from supposedly “reliable” sources evaporating and being replaced by still more rumors about the date of January 25th, we might want to turn to thinking about what we can expect in […]

The Case for Licensing UAS Pilots and Aircraft

I have no “inside information” into the operations of the FAA with regard to their intentions, nor do I claim any psychic abilities, but putting together the pieces of the puzzle as they are now, I can make some guesses as to what we might expect, possibly as soon as […]

Sony to enter the Drone Skies

From NewsTechnology August 28, 2014 by DRONELIFE News – Officials of Sony say they have begun developing unmanned aerial vehicles commonly known as drones. Sony holds the leading global market share for sensors that work like human eyes. They are used in digital cameras and other devices.