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Advantages to Remotely Piloted Aircraft for Aerial Photography:

Over congested (populated areas) standard aircraft must stay 1,000 feet above the highest obstacle or terrain feature. Over non-congested areas a standard aircraft must remain 500 feet above the surface but not within 500 feet of any person, vessel, vehicle or structure. Operation of a standard aircraft below these levels is both unsafe and prohibited. In many cases the pilot must concentrate on safely operating the plane or helicopter while a second person operates the camera equipment, which increases the cost.

The optimum altitude for aerial photography is most often between 50 and 200 feet above the ground (AGL) in most situations. A “drone” can provide low altitude angles and views that would not be possible or safe for a fixed wing aircraft or helicopter.

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Contracting With and Between UAS Operators:
A guide for companies seeking professional drone services
and drone companies looking to safely and legally transact business

What to Expect:
When you hire an aerial videographer you can expect to generate up to 15 minutes raw video per flight, which will most often edit down to 3 minutes or less of finished video.  Similar services for a “manned” aircraft are from a higher altitude (more distant) of 500 to 1000 ft or more above ground level (AGL).  The difference is cost, perspective and range.


Low Angle Aerial Photography is perfect for many kinds of possible applications:

  • Real Estate Video Tours
  • Development Site Planning
  • Industrial Site Video
  • Swimming Pool Construction Advertising
  • Construction Review and Progress Reports
  • Television and Cable Commercials*
  • RV Campground or Sales Lot Photography
  • Golf Course and Resort Promotional Photos and Video
  • News and Documentary Stock Clips*
  • Land Development Overview (wetlands surveys, etc.)
  • Planning for Horse, Bike, ATV and Walking Trails
  • Accident investigation
  • Law enforcement drone operations training (FDLE Certified Instructor)
  • Search and rescue (lost child, etc.)
  • Searching for dangerous animals (bear, wolf, etc.)
  • Arson/Accident investigation
  • Limited Access/Disaster Area Surveying (sink hole, land slide, tornado or hurricane, flooding)

* A sUAV may not fly above or close to people, highways, railroads or buildings, must be flown within the (visual) line of sight (VLOS) of the operator, less than 400 feet above the ground (AGL), during daylight conditions, inside Class G (uncontrolled) airspace and more than five miles from any airport or other location with aviation activities. Operation near heliports and airports is also prohibited.

IslandAirExpressPanama City Aerial Photography-
(views over 500 ft AGL) Contact Island Air Express in Panama City. Services include photography and mapping.

Call 1-800-Tell-FAA to report dangerous or illegal drone activity.