ADS-B – Remote ID Update – Interview with uAvioniX Ryan Reed at Sun N Fun/Lakeland

uAvionix might have a solution to the July sUAS remote ID mandate but so far the FAA does not appear to be paying attention.  I spoke with Ryan Reed at the uAvioniX booth at Sun N Fun in Lakeland (4/8/17). http://webicity.com/files/AvionixSunNFun040617.MP3 (This interview may also appear in the UAV Digest […]

Remote Identification, ADS-B for Drones? What’s ahead?

Did you know? We’re supposed to not only have registration but remote identification for drones by this July? Who knew? There’s a law on the books right now that says we need to develop “requirements for remote identification of aircraft systems” by July 15, 2017.  It’s Public Law 114-190 – […]