Australia Leads The Way To UAS Certification

Anyone purchasing a UAS from a major retailer in Australia will be handed guidelines for flying model aircraft… just like the FAA should have been doing since 2007. The move by the Australian national Civil Aviation Safety Authority quickly followed two separate investigations into recent crashes. (Source)index Australia has met the challenge by issuing UAS Operator Certificates. It is illegal to fly a model aircraft for commercial hire and reward unless you have an unmanned operator’s certificate covering that type of operation. (Source). If you fly an unmanned aircraft in Australia, you need to accept a number of responsibilities and regulatory requirements. (Source).

The Australian CASA also requires manufacturers to provide this brochure with all purchases informing operators of the requirements. This is something the FAA can do, and should do immediately.

If the FAA needs a model solution to the issue of UAS regulation, it’s not that hard to find. (Source)