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Section 333: The Crack In The Wall…

Section 333 of the 2012 legislation allows the FAA to grant exemptions from certification requirements to begin incremental integration of UAS into national airspace. (UPDATED TO INCLUDE TEXT OF SECTION 333) While some of the process appears straightforward, other provisions seem less so.

Sony to enter the Drone Skies

From NewsTechnology August 28, 2014 by DRONELIFE News – Officials of Sony say they have begun developing unmanned aerial vehicles commonly known as drones. Sony holds the leading global market share for sensors that work like human eyes. They are used in digital cameras and other devices.

We’re still waiting…

Press Release – FAA to Consider Exemptions for Commercial UAS Movie and TV Production June 2, 2014 “The FAA has been working for several months to implement the provisions of Section 333 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 and move forward with UAS integration before proposing a […]